A modern digital radiography system with ultra high-resolution, DICOM-compliant images, and fast results.

The innovative flat panel x-ray detector system

With its state-of-the-art technology, the SuperView X-ray machine provides clear, detailed images that can help veterinarians diagnose and treat diseases more effectively.
  • 64,000 shades of grey
  • Fine details without visual artifacts
  • Excellent soft tissue delineation
  • Fully DICOM compliant including Modality Work List
  • Veterinary-specific software and filters

“The SuperView digital radiography system that I have provides me with lightning fast images with the highest resolution of any digital system on the veterinary market today.”

Brett Berryhill, DVM

Starring Plaza Veterinary Center

Wireless, touchscreen enabled, with cloud-based backup

Our veterinary specific software allows your practice to view digital x-ray images across all windows based computers in your clinic. No need to worry about losing your x-rays — all your images are automatically backed up on our cloud server.
  • A waterproof, rugged panel for field use
  • A Cesium Iodide System
  • Mini PACS and network connectivity
  • Works with anatomically programmed radiography (APR) software

“Our Quality and quantity of radiographs have improved thereby improving our patient care and our bottom line… Our young and tech savvy team has embraced the change completely…”

Parkway Animal Hospital

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