Cutting-edge ultrasound technology for providing the most accurate diagnoses.

Do your own ultrasounds with innovative color doppler

SonoView’s advanced ultrasound technology delivers exceptional image quality, capturing even the most intricate details, empowering veterinary professionals with the insight needed for precise diagnoses.
  • B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M
  • CFM color flow mapping
  • PDI Power Doppler
  • DPDI Directional Power Doppler
  • PW Pulsed Wave Spectral Doppler
  • CW Continuous Wave Spectral Doppler
  • HPRF High Pulse Repetition Frequency
  • Duplex (B+PW/CW)
  • Triplex B+Color Doppler+PW/CW

SonoView Mini

The SonoView Mini is the revolutionary portable version of the SonoView. It is the smallest and lightest ultrasound machine on the market, making it ideal for veterinarians needing to diagnose and treat animals quickly.
  • Small and lightweight(under 2 pounds)
  • High-quality imaging
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
“The SonoView has been a game-changer for our practice. It has allowed us to provide ultrasound imaging to our patients in-house, which has saved us time and money. The image quality is excellent, and the machine is very easy to use. We highly recommend the SonoView to any veterinary practice.”

Dr. Sarah Jones, DMV

Jones Animal Hospital

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